It is magical how many secrets are hidden in wine. All the aromas of the earth, all the winds of the world, all thoughts of toil, fit in a single bottle of wine.

Every new taste test is also a journey. From Crete to Thebes, from Santorini to Limno and from Epirus to Naoussa, every bottle of wine tells its own story. Tastes, aromas, complexity and character, creating experiences and connecting pleasures.

At Ntore Gastronomy & Symposia, our approach to wines is with the same passion and responsibility as the food. Exquisitely selected Cretan and Greek wines from dedicated producers, create a unique map of discovery on the most remarkable wine production routes.

In this experience the senses work complementarily. The smell enhances the taste, the perfumes become images and the journey continues for yet one other destination.

Indulge in the aromas and enjoy a delicious flavor route.